Environmental Policy

At Duffys of Ballybin, our aim is to provide a sustainable holiday experience.

Electricity is provided by a wind-energy electricity provider.

Heating is provided by a wood-chip boiler. We have planted eight hectares of timber to provide a renewal carbon-neutral source of heat.

The apartments are insulated to a high standard and each apartment has a thermostat, which allows you to control the heat in your apartment.

We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products where possible and minimise our use of chemical cleaning agents.

We use refillable soap containers and washing-up containers, so we ask you not to dispose of empty containers prior to departure.

We provide facilities to recycle glass, aluminium, paper and plastic.

Our waste water is disposed of on site by a bio-treatment plant that uses no chemicals and discharges clean water. We use toilet rolls that facilitate this type of waste system.

Because we are located in a rural area, almost all of our guests have cars. However, it is possible to use public transport for some activities, particularly if you wish to visit Dublin. The 103 and 109 buses go from Ashbourne to the city centre every 20 minutes during the week. The 109a bus also goes directly from Ratoath to the airport.

As a guest you can play your part by:

  • Using the recycling bins which are clearly labelled and located in the laundry room.
  • Turning off the heat at the thermostat if you intend leaving the doors and windows open for an extended period.
  • Switching off lights, cookers and other electrical equipment when they are not in use.

Duffys of Ballybin, Ballybin, Ashbourne, County Meath +353-1-8027829, therese@duffysofballybin.ie, duffysofballybin.ie.

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